A.-As for hiring

1.-Conditions of contracting and payment:
You can make your reservation through this website, by phone or by email.
Your reservation will be confirmed once you have received the successfully completed booking form and the payment is confirmed through the STRIPE platform (included in the payment gateway) or by copying the transfer if you have chosen to contract by means of email or phone.

*At the time of booking, the customer must pay 100% of the amount of the stay. At the same time, you must pay the amount of 1500 euros as a deposit, plus 600 euros for cleaning and laundry costs.

The amount corresponding to the deposit, the end of the rental period, will be refunded to you within five days, after settlement of possible damages caused by the stay.
At the time of booking, the customer declares at the same time that he has read, understood and accepts the general conditions of the service.

Villa Bahia reserves the right to cancel the reservation without prior notice if, 5 days after sending the booking form, the payment has not been completed.
In this case the customer will not be able to claim or demand compliance with the reservation or, where appropriate, the refund of amounts already paid.

2.- Minimum stay:
It will be five days

3- Prices:
The published prices for each of the periods may be modified without notice.

4.- Tenants’ entrances and exits:
Arrival and departure time will be agreed in advance with the property. Always on the hours of 11.00h. 17.00h.

5.-Cancellation of the contract by the customer:
The customer has the right to cancel the reservation, governing the following conditions:

– If the cancellation occurs 20 or more days before arrival, 100% of the reservation will be refunded. If cancellation occurs between 6 and 19 days before arrival, 70% will be refunded. If it occurs 5 days or less before arrival, 50% of the reservation will be refunded. Although taking into account the current situation due to COVID-19, in the case of border closure or inability to travel, 100% of the amount will be refunded regardless of the time of cancellation.
– A cancellation is considered to have been made at the time that Villa Bahia has received the written communication.

6.-Alternative or cancellation of the contract by the property:
In cases of force majeure or impossibility arising from the property to the client’s accommodation, Villa Bahia will offer you the possibility to choose (where possible) between replacing the dates with others, or canceling the contract by refunding the amount delivered by the customer.

B.-As for housing:

Villa Bahia is a detached house that consists of several living rooms and common areas divided into two floors, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and toilet, kitchen, garage, garden areas and outdoor places that have the necessary furniture and accessories to settle in at the time of arrival.
The facilities are composed of an outdoor barbecue area (with tepamyaki iron), swimming pool, sauna, outdoor jacuzzi, gym, paddle tennis court, a…

Regardless of what is stated in the booking sheets in terms of reserved days, prices and payment methods:

The property is required to:
Deliver the house with all its components and facilities in perfect condition for its use and operation and at the disposal of the tenant.
The host or, where appropriate, the key manager will explain carefully and make available the necessary instructions for the use of each of them.
Once the house is delivered, it will answer in its doubts about the operation of the elements of the house or, in case of any breakdown, must provide you with the one who can solve it in the shortest time.

The tenant is required to:
Take due care of the house and everything that composes it, as well as adapt its behavior to the environment of tranquility and tranquility that is what characterizes the enclave where the house is located.
Allow entry to the gardening and care services of the pool or, eventually, the technician for necessary maintenance or breakdown of some element of the facilities.
Limit occupation to the number of people listed in the contract, counting children and babies also as persons for the purpose of occupation. Please note that the owner or key manager may prevent entry to the property if the number allowed is exceeded.
If the tenant exceeds this capacity, he/she will incur an extra charge of 50 euros per night and can be evicted.
At the end of the period of stay, the customer has the obligation to leave the accommodation in a collected and presentable state. This includes (orientatically, not limited to) that the crockery should be clean and placed in place, the refrigerator without any food and the trash must have been emptied.
If the tenant caused damage to the home for a value greater than the bond paid, he would have to pay the difference without delay upon receipt of the total amount of damages caused in writing by Villa Bahia.
In case of negligence or improper behavior Villa Bahia reserves the right to cancel the rental contract with immediate effect and without prior notice. In this case Villa Bahia will not be obliged to refund the rental amount paid by the customer.

Villa Bahia assumes no responsibility in the following cases:
1. Negligence or misuse of each of the elements and facilities that make up the house.
2. Theft sthereins.
3. Damage to persons or things caused by force majeure or unforeseen setbacks that neither Villa Bahia nor its representatives (key managers) can respond to.

8.-Vigour and competent jurisdiction:
When booking an accommodation, the above-listed general conditions governing the existing seasonal accommodation rental agreement between You and the Accommodation will enter into force. These general conditions and the contract between you and the Property will be governed, interpreted and executed in accordance with Spanish law subject to the courts of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and expressly waiving another jurisdiction.